模拟是理解复杂问题的关键, 解锁医学突破, 让最新的进步更快地向公众传播, 更安全的, 并使它们更容易被广泛接受. Altair helps medical companies across the world design better products, 改善病人的护理, 通过模拟驱动设计降低成本. 我们的模拟和 optimization tools enable device designers 而且 manufacturers to deliver quality 而且 reliability while meeting 监管 st而且ards, 而且 our data analytics technologies empower healthcare providers to make faster, 更明智的决定.



This guide explores the use of simulation to design complex AM solutions, 探索材料决定, optimize structures for performance 而且 ensure that designs can be printed efficiently.



Device manufacturers are required to dedicate large amounts of time 而且 expense to clinical tests to validate safety 而且 performance 索赔. Simulation can speed up these trials by satisfying the testing of variables virtually. Multiple variants can be efficiently tested at a massive scale without human or animal testing. Replacing even one variable with simulation could mean saving months of testing time 而且 help get products to the market faster than the competition.


Medical 而且 wellness devices must be designed to withst而且 the structural 而且 operational requirements associated with normal use, 灭菌和滥用, 同时还要平衡重量和成本. 市场对增加功能的需求, connectivity 而且 miniaturization mean that all devices can benefit from the simulation of multiple physics, 使所有结构优化, 热, 电, 电磁和制造标准.


Ensuring safe electromagnetic operating conditions is vital as medical products become more connected. It is required that all devices meet radio frequency (RF) exposure st而且ards to avoid adverse health effects. Computer simulations can carry out radiation performance evaluations that consider not just user position, 的姿势, 性别, 年龄和身高,但权力, 多个设备的频率和交互.




在一个快速变化和复杂的行业, underst而且ing the impact of the growing volume 而且 digitization of patient, 医生, 监管, 而且 financial data is crucial to healthcare organizations across the globe. 牵牛星赋予提供者、支付者、 生物制药制造得更快, 更明智的决定 by transforming disparate data 而且 employing machine learning to maintain costs, 提高临床和财务效率, 管理资源和供应链, 并提供更好的获取质量的途径 病人护理.

牵牛星没有代码, self-service healthcare analytics solutions allow data scientists 而且 operational systems users to optimize decision-making by managing 而且 analyzing relevant clinical, 索赔, 人口, 和revenue-adjacent数据. 龙8网页版入口可以 help healthcare organizations to strategically 而且 rapidly manage resource fluidity 而且 comply with constantly changing 监管 requirements.



25年来, 牵牛星®OptiStruct® has been the industry leader in developing 而且 applying optimization technology for strong, 轻量化设计. Developed to mimic how mechanical stresses influence optimal bone growth, it is now used to model complex biological structures 而且 design optimized orthopedic structures. 这包括lattice-designed, 3 d印制组件, 理想的骨整合和促进血管形成.

Patients with specific maladies can now be treated with custom-design implantable structures. 优化使用牵牛星技术, such replacement devices can be manufactured using 3D-printed resorbable biomaterials 而且 serve as a temporary solution until the body grows its own tissue in replacement.



Altair simulation technology is widely used in the design of optimized structures in prosthetic 而且 orthotic design, where custom fit is essential to a comfortable supportive structure. Clinicians 而且 engineers have the ability to easily model patient-specific 几何与 牵牛星®HyperMesh®, optimize the shape of the device to achieve the desired load transfer with OptiStruct和理解 聚合物的制造工艺 牵牛星®激发™模具 而且 牵牛星®激发™Print3D. 这一切都意味着定制成功 fit for the patient, 而且 ensured function of the device, 而且 ideally a shorter time to wellness.


Whether it’s importing external or internal patient scan data, HyperMesh has been a critical tool used by clinicians 而且 engineers to accurately model the complex geometry of the human body. 一旦确定, this model can then be exercised by a variety of Altair physics solvers 而且 optimization methods to study bodily function 而且 develop ways to 改善病人的护理. 例如, 采用形状优化和弹塑性模拟, 龙8网页版入口可以 model complex biological systems such as the delicate structural behavior of intravascular stents within blood vessels. Vascular deformation 而且 blood flow analyses can be performed to underst而且, 预测, 和预防疾病.

Such tools are also essential to building accurate models of the 3D shape of the brain, 从MRI和CT数据. These models help map cerebral vascular networks 而且 diagnose 而且 prevent brain disease. 进一步, Altair technology has been extensively applied to biomechanics, like studying injury thresholds for brain concussion in automotive safety 而且 other applications within the field of sports medicine.



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Altair helps medical companies across the world design better products, 改善病人的护理, 通过模拟驱动设计降低成本.我们的模拟和...




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